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Simple Operation

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel enables users to manoeuvre their caravans, boat trailers and heavy trailers as easily as possible using the Remote Control. This allows the operator to stand to the side and have a clear view of any obstructions, see the demonstrations in our videos section. Having the strength and assistance to move a heavy caravan or trailer is no longer an issue with the Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel. The improved control and accuracy will save all those hours spent guiding a reluctant caravan or trailer into a tight spot and remove the stress of imminent disaster from your life.

Powerful Motor and Gearbox Assembly

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel utilizes a powerful motor to drive the Wheel in all directions on hard surfaces at approximately 8 metres per minute with safe manoeuvring of caravans or trailers of up to 3,500kg. Power is supplied from either a 12V DC auxiliary battery or the caravan or boat in-built supply and can also be supplied from a “Jump Start” unit. The Optitec V3+ mover has current overload protection limited to 50amps and has integrated thermal protection, which will protect the machine if attempting to operate it beyond its limits.

Sloped Ground Operation

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel has the capacity to traverse an incline depending on the trailer weight and available surface traction. (Note – this does NOT mean the Optitec V3 can push any size trailer up an incline. The lighter the trailer, the greater the incline possible). Our motor/transmission testing was carried out using a 2500kg trailer up 6 to 8 degree inclines.  *Caution must be used whenever operating in the vicinity of sloped or uneven surfaces and braking controlled by the trailer or caravan braking system (*see all Safety warnings in the manual).

Loaded Ball Weight

Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel supports a loaded weight of 350kg. It is extremely portable with total weight of 22kg. The size of the Optitec Wheel is 326x220x760mm and can be easily packed in a car to travel.

About the wheel

The Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel has been in production since the v1 in 2014, designed for harsh Australian conditions over 4500 have now been sold worldwide.

This is the most powerful, portable, remote control mover available and is designed to replace and upgrade a traditional jockey wheel, or complement a permanent folding jockey wheel on caravans, boat or yacht trailers, car trailers, bike trailers, horseboxes and any other type of heavy trailer including tiny homes.

Designed around the standard jockey wheel shaft diameter of 48mm with a minimum effective height of 660mm and height adjustment of 250mm the Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel is completely interchangeable with most existing wheels and easily clamps onto most caravan or trailer chassis.  

To keep the weight down to a manageable 22kg the Optitec Remote Control Jockey Wheel uses an auxiliary battery, either the caravan or boat battery or a typical Jump Starter Unit. Tyre is high quality Solid Rubber on an Alloy Wheel to ensure the best traction and greatest durability and the wheel can be locked as a normal support stand when the caravan or trailer is parked.

History of Optitec

Optitec Pty Ltd is a small 100% Australian company which has been operating based in Melbourne for over 15 years. Over this period we have been working in the engineering sector focused on mechanical and electrical plant & equipment.

With our interest in automotive mechanics, caravanning, aviation and electrical fields, we could see that there were not many portable, high quality devices available to move a caravan, trailer, horse float, tradesman’s trailer or boat trailer. We decided to pursue this need and after producing and testing several prototypes, and with the enormous success and positive feedback since the introduction of the first Optitec Mover, we are pleased to offer the Optitec V3 Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel.

Design of the Optitec Remote Controlled Wheel

Optitec designed a prototype Wireless Remote Controlled Wheel back in 2006. The first wheel was very practical and would perform quite ok for most applications, however it was obvious that further development would achieve a far better product and one that anyone would be happy to own and use. We made a number of improvements along the way. We have achieved this in every way in our latest machine demonstrating features of this new Optitec Wheel from the power of its motors & strength of its gearboxes to the operation of its wireless radio control.

Versatility: It wasn’t until 2011 that we finally decided to make a serious effort to develop a really versatile wireless remote controlled jockey wheel. One that could be swapped from one caravan or trailer type to another in a matter of minutes and could be used by anyone who was familiar with the Operator Manual instructions.

Test Caravan & Trailers: The test vehicles used were typical of what we would expect to see the Wheel used for in every day operation. The main test trailer is a flat bed trailer with 2500kgs of concrete slabs to simulate a fairly large caravan, boat, horse float, etc. The Optitec prototype wheels were attached to this trailer and driven non-stop for periods of more than an hour on varying firm surfaces and on varying slopes. The final prototype performed extremely well during these rigorous tests and after confirming the same results manoeuvring a 2000+kg caravan, the production of the Optitec Wireless Remote Control Wheel was commenced.

New Optitec v3 Wireless Remote Controlled Wheel

The original version model was available through 2014, so we decided to update it to cater for a wider demand. The Optitec V2+ mover incorporated many significant changes to make it a really great machine with around 30% More Power, Heavy Duty support pole, Easy to fit and adjust "keying" system, Updated Radio Control Remote, improved Power Protection System.

The new Optitec V3 looks  almost identical to our original machine and to the V2+ on the outside, but has many improvements on the inside.

Power Supply: During  design and development we decided against installing a built-in battery because research indicated that they are more trouble than they're worth  finding them discharged right when you need them most, adding extra weight, and just another item to be maintained and replaced when they fail. Almost every caravan and even camper trailers have batteries these days, so we designed the Optitec machines to be powered from the van's onboard battery supply and in the case of boat trailers, from the boat's battery. It can also be powered from other 12V battery power or Jump-Starter packs if you wish.

Operational Performance: Since commencement of production, our Optitec Wireless Remote Controlled Wheel has seen many applications including: Boat Trailers 3000kg, Tandem Caravans of 3500kg

Tandem caravans and boat trailers can easily be turned in their own length using our machine.

All Age Groups: It was important to design the Wheel to be used by people of all ages as it’s well known that there are many older people interested in caravanning, just as there are many younger people using heavy trailers and boats. Because it is very compact and only weighs 22kgs, the Optitec Wheel can be carried and installed by almost anyone. It’s so easy to pack - easily fits in the boot of the car, the caravan boot, the boat, horsebox or the trailer itself.

It’s taken a lot of work, but we are very proud of our achievement with this wonderful machine - and our customers acknowledge & appreciate the level of service we provide.

We are very happy to answer your questions and assist you. See our Contact page.